How You Can Protect Your Child From Nearsightedness

Although there may not yet be concrete evidence on whether Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is completely preventable, there are techniques to stop Myopia from worsening. Nearsightedness usually appears in childhood and evolves throughout time, worsening in adulthood. However, there are studies that have shown the evolution of Myopia can be reduced in children treated with effective techniques.

Learn everything you need to know about Myopia and the steps to take in protecting your children below:

Understanding the Myopic Epidemic

Myopia is a vision condition where you are able to see objects close to you clearly; however, objects that are further away become blurry or completely unclear. Unfortunately, nearsightedness has reached epidemic proportions in children across the globe. In North America, one in four parents has a child diagnosed with Myopia, according to the American Optometric Association. Myopia is often inherited in children from their parents, however, there are several other reasons for nearsightedness to develop. Some of the additional risk factors include:

  • Stress on the eyes due to extensive time spent watching, reading, or viewing electronic device screens
  • Spending extensive time reading books
  • Not spending at least two hours per day outside away from electronics
  • Diet
  • Pollution/climate change
  • Changing of seasons and daylight hours
  • Using a night light
  • Higher education level, IQ score and more time spent studying

Ways To Slow Down Effects of Myopia

Being proactive in protecting and maintaining your child’s eye health is imperative for optimal vision. This can significantly improve your child’s overall well-being and help prevent Myopia from worsening and other eye conditions from developing. Now that you’re familiar with the risk factors associated with Myopia, here’s what you can do to protect your children:

  • Reduce screen time: Lifestyle is influential in increasing Myopia development in children. Children today under the age of 8 are spending more than two hours a day with electronic devices. The growing usage is associated with the progression of nearsightedness. Completely taking away electronic devices from your children may seem unrealistic, but limiting their usage and promoting other activities is an effective preventative method.
  • More time outside: Spending more time outside is imperative for a child’s happiness, growth and wellness. Plan more time outside away from the TV and tablets with the kids and plan outdoor activities. According to the Vision Council, more time outside can reduce the onset of nearsightedness by 11-34%. This may be because of the vitamin D emitted from sunlight, which can also help with eye growth.
  • Eye exams: Above all else, taking your child for routine eye checkups and exams is essential for their eye health. Bring your child to Eye View Optical for an eye exam to see the state of their vision. 

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